Our Purpose

“We Build Work Trucks” just doesn’t cover it.

Our vision is to innovate the upfit industry because we see the need for change.  Small and large companies alike deserve better service, clearer communication, and faster turnaround.

We accomplish our vision by focusing on our four main values.

We Do Whatever It Takes

We Embody Open and Timely Communication

We Believe In Small Business

We Will Define Change in our Industry Through Innovation and Hard work

We Do Whatever It Takes

We refuse to be held captive by outside circumstances like part supply, supplier delivery schedules, or manufacturer quality issues.  That’s why we created our “Make it Happen – Whatever It Takes” policy.  Our first focus is on building better supplier relationships so we can work with them to create better processes which will result in the best possible end user experience.

No matter what, we’ll make it happen and we’ll do whatever it takes to get your vehicles in service with the highest quality components on schedule.

We Embody Open and Timely Communication

We understand that the success of your business depends on your ability to get your fleet vehicles in service as soon as possible and to keep them there as often as you can.  That’s why from the moment you walk through our doors to the moment we deliver your vehicle back to you, we are committed to keeping you informed.

We promise to keep you updated throughout every step in the process and to work directly with your team to inject your vehicles into service in industry leading time.

We Believe in Small Business

Not every service-based business has a multi-million-dollar fleet development budget – and that’s okay.  We believe in leveraging our bandwidth and our network capabilities to help all businesses, regardless of size.  We’ve developed custom solutions for service vehicle purchasing, upfit, and service specifically with the small business owner in mind.

If you’re a small business in need of a world class fleet development solution that cares about you and your company, we would love to partner with you as well.  You can reach us at (770) 422-4040.

We Will Define Change in Our Industry

Garrett Truck & Van is committed to being a company who partners with small businesses and dealerships and helps them grow by providing a better solution for fleet development.  Our solution involves using innovation, technology, commitment, and determination to deliver a faster and higher-quality build than any of our competitors currently offer.

We always listen to feedback and we’re committed to constantly improving.  That’s how we’re innovating the industry.